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A better analogy

The David Maynor saga, one year later.

The Macalope has very little to add to this Daring Fireball post on David Maynor's crappy prestige for the MacBook wireless trick (part of the prestige is timing, David) other than to note that Mr. Gruber's "frog that can recite the alphabet" analogy misses the mark. Because the horny one can tell you categorically there's no such frog (he's been to all of the mythical creature meetings and he's never seen one) and -- despite the blatherings of numerous silly pundits -- no one outside of Slashdot commenters was claiming that OS X bugs didn't exist.

A better analogy would be someone who claimed they had something you knew existed but just hadn't seen before. Like maybe an Indian Head nickel. And when you asked to see it they said, oh, they'd love to show you but you wouldn't understand it because you're not a coin collector. And you were like huh? C'mon, stop being a jerk and show it to me. And they said they couldn't because the U.S. Mint might sue them. And then you said "What? That doesn't even make any sense!" And all of a sudden they stopped talking and their crazy uncle jumped in between the two of you and started screaming about "the gubbermint."

Something like that. That'd be a more accurate analogy.

If somewhat thinly veiled.