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A beast for your iPod

But big price matches name of Geneva XL

Geneva Lab

With audio technology on the verge of becoming microscopic, it's comforting to see that some manufacturers aren't afraid to go in the other direction in a big way, literally. One product that lives up to its name, for instance, is the "Geneva Sound System XL."

This all-in-one beast, which includes a CD player and FM radio as well as serving as an iPod player, has 8-inch subwoofers and a 600-watt digital amplifier, according to Red Ferret, and comes in red, white and black. All of this is housed in a petite cabinet that measures 21.7 inches wide, 23.5 inches high and 15.8 inches deep, weighing just 84 pounds.

Unfortunately, its girth isn't the only thing that's XL--the system goes for $1,075. But think of it this way: You'll have less space for more furniture waste money on.