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A baking liner that won't stick

The Round Baking Liner can eliminate all the parchment cake pan liners you're used to using.

The Round Baking Liner Progressive International

With many cake recipes, you have to lay down a piece of parchment paper to keep the cake from sticking to the pan--and there's no use trying to swap out nonstick spray. If you're planning to bake cakes, you're going to go through some parchment paper. The Round Baking Liner can take the place of all those sheets, however. It's a 9-inch-round silicone baking mat that will fit in similarly sized cake pans--or on baking sheets or in other pans. With a little looking, you can also find 8-inch liners as well as those meant for other standard cake pans. The liner is heat-resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit; you can use it in both the oven and microwave easily.

The Round Baking Liner can make your baking cleanup significantly easier. The silicone mat takes all of the punishment and mess and then slides into the dishwasher for an effortless cleanup, unlike many pans with nonstick coatings. It can even be used for baking small pizzas or other food that has a reputation for sticking to the pan. Rectangular mats, similar to the Round Baking Liner, have been available for a while, and they've proved particularly useful.