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A $43, energy-efficient portable washer

A cheap, green alternative to expensive laundry machines that actually gets your clothes clean.

In the market for a new washing machine? How does an under-$50 model sound to you? We already looked at the prototype Laundry POD, but here's a model you can buy today and start reaping energy and cost savings immediately.

Clean laundry, little energy. What's not to like? The Laundry Alternative

It's called the Wonder Wash, and it washes a 5-pound load of laundry in just a few minutes. The Wonder Wash uses a patented pressure system that forces detergent into fabric at high speeds, and it uses less water than hand-washing. Not sure what five pounds of laundry translates to? About 3 pairs of jeans, 30 pairs of socks, or 10 T-shirts. You could wash your own clothes at the end of each day, in other words, and spare yourself those horrific afternoons at the laundromat.

Operation is simple: put clothes, detergent, and warm or hot water into the drum. Fit the lid in place and seal the machine. Air inside the drum absorbs the heat of the water and expands, creating pressure in the drum. That pressure forces the detergent into and through the clothes. Cold water works, too--it just takes a few extra minutes.

Rinse by replacing the water and let it work for 30 seconds, or by hand. According to reviews by purchasers, the machine delivers what it promises. And if you're unhappy, take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee. Really, it's an ideal solution if you're looking for simple ways to green your life.