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A $2 million home theater befitting Batman

The goal of the setup, says designer Elite Home Theater Seating, was to fuse the cozy elements of Wayne Manor with the Art Deco styling of Gotham City.

Batman home theater
Elite Home Theater Seating

Not all home theaters are created equal, and the following $2 million Dark Knight-themed setup is in a different league altogether.

Designed by Elite Home Theater Seating for a client in California, the custom Batcave theater features six full-size bat suits; a command and control center; and even an authentic Tumbler replica. While information on the actual A/V hardware is very limited, we do know that movies are projected on a massive 180-inch cinemascope screen.

These props and gear, together with 15 incredibly comfortable-looking chairs, are all installed in a massive room about the size of a small auditorium. However, if you happen to live in a slightly smaller house, you may want to check out this smaller six-seater home theater inspired by "Star Wars" instead.

Batman home theater
Elite Home Theater Seating

(Source: Crave Asia via Born Rich)

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