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A 1.5-terabyte external drive for $112.49 shipped

Dell is selling the Seagate FreeAgent USB drive with free shipping, a five-year warranty, and all the storage you may ever need--for just more than $100. Whoa.

Lowest price ever on a 1.5TB drive. Seagate

Holy massive storage, Batman! I thought a 1-terabyte external drive for $99 was a killer deal, but Dell is offering a 1.5TB Seagate FreeAgent USB drive for $112.49. No rebates, free shipping, smokin' bargain.

To get that price, you'll need to enter coupon code T4346M$Q6GRJB$ at checkout. The code is good until April 4, assuming that the drive doesn't sell out before then.

The FreeAgent incorporates a 7,200rpm drive and a USB 2.0 interface. Alas, no eSata, but I've seen few PCs that have that kind of interface, anyway. Seagate backs the drive with an impressive five-year warranty.

Alas, according to the specs, the FreeAgent is compatible only with Windows XP and later models of Microsoft's operating system. You may be able to reformat the drive to work with a Mac or Linux system, but I'm not an expert in that area. (If you are, hit the comments.)

Before you pull the trigger, you might want to peruse some of the user reviews on It seems that a fair number of people ended up with bum drives, either out of the box or after a few months of operation.

So I guess that there's a slight risk here, though I think that holds true with any hard drive. At least you've got a solid warranty behind you. Consequently, I think this is too good a deal to pass up, if you need the storage and have a Windows machine.