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9 great reads from CNET this week

A Magic Leap unicorn appears; we dig into Android Pie; and Alex Jones and Infowars test the limits of free speech online.

It's been another week of summer heat, which in the tech world resulted in companies like Facebook, Apple and eventually Twitter removing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and Infowars from their platforms. Meanwhile, among other gear, Samsung unveiled its $1,000 Galaxy Note 9, the standout feature being a new Bluetooth-connected S Pen.

Here's your chance to catch up. 

Magic Leap is either brilliant or BS. Now to prove the AR gear is real

An inside look at tech's most secretive unicorn.

Magic Leap cartoon
Magic Leap

Alex Jones and Infowars test the limits of free speech on the internet

The conspiracy theorist extraordinaire is at the center of a debate that has pulled in some of the world's biggest tech companies. 

Alex Jones gestures with his hands at his broadcast desk.
Screenshot by Joan E. Solsman/CNET is no more

Facebook is ditching the project in favor of folding all of its global internet efforts under one banner: Connectivity.


Inside the boot camp that aims to reform teenage hackers

A UK program offers young cybercriminals an alternative to detention. It wants to turn them into legit tech professionals.

Photo by imgix on Unsplash

Android Pie is here! And it comes with new AI tools and support for notches

The new OS focuses on behind-the-scenes improvements that'll make your phone work faster while saving precious battery life.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 costs $1,000. Is that a mistake?  

Turns out Samsung's idea of "reasonable" Galaxy Note 9 pricing actually means higher pricing. Yes, like the iPhone X.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The Meg vs. Jason Statham is the silly shark fight you hoped for

In the new nature documentary it's The Stath versus a huge prehistoric monster shark: One's the toughest creature in the ocean, and the other's a shark.

Warner Bros

Amazon HQ2: What you need to know about the e-tailer's search for a second home.

Jeff Bezos & Co. plan to pick a winner by year's end.

James Martin/CNET

NASA's ready to launch its crazy trip to the sun

The Parker Solar Probe is designed to unlock the sun's mysteries -- and help protect us from its wrath. Here's what you need to know.

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Follow the Money: This is how digital cash is changing the way we save, shop and work.

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