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9 great reads from CNET this week

What tech terrifies the Picard cast, just who is eating the Impossible Burger and why even sex toys are vulnerable to hackers.

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The tech news cycle returned to normal this first full non-CES week of the year. We got pricing details and more on NBC's upcoming Peacock streaming service. President Donald Trump reignited a battle over encryption, calling out Apple for refusing to create backdoors that would help law enforcement agencies unlock iPhones.

And Microsoft also grabbed headlines, with the end to Windows 7 support (upgrade to Windows 10 now, you procrastinators!), the NSA reporting a major Windows 10 security flaw and the release of Microsoft's new Edge browser.

Here are the week's stories you don't want to miss:

Impossible Burger's biggest eaters aren't the people you think

Vegetarians, vegans, even kosher and halal eaters closed out of pork and cheeseburgers before -- we're not the ones making new fake meats go viral.

Impossible Foods

Microsoft's new Edge browser, a Chrome cousin, is ready to download

The overhauled browser is more compatible with today's websites. It also gives more power to Google's vision for the web.

Microsoft Edge icon
Stephen Shankland/CNET

Picard star Patrick Stewart has no problem chatting with Data. Alexa's another thing

Stewart and other Star Trek: Picard cast and crew talk deepfakes, Crispr and other tech that terrifies them.


A single contact lens could give your entire life a head-up display

Mojo Vision's smart contacts put text in my eye and let me see in the dark. They're aiming for even more than that.

MOJO AR contact lens
James Martin/CNET

How brands battle for your attention on Twitter, Instagram

Companies try every trick, stunt or ploy they can conjure up to catch your eye online.

Queenie Wong/CNET

What CES 2020 taught us about this year's phones: Cheaper foldables, 5G and more

Look out for these design and price trends for 5G, foldables and gaming phones this year.

Angela Lang/CNET

With sex tech hacks, even your vibrator is vulnerable

Some makers of connected sex devices take security seriously. What about the others?

Sarah Tew/CNET

How foldable phone screens made of diamond crystal could fix key flaws

Bendable glass is the missing ingredient in today's foldable phones. But what if bendable screens were made from one of the hardest materials on Earth?

Angela Lang/CNET

A $1,300 smart bassinet showed me I'm ready for a robot nanny

Commentary: I'm so ready to dump my kid into the arms of a robot. Does that make me a terrible parent?