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9 great reads from CNET this week

CES 2021 and Samsung Unpacked had us thinking a lot about this year's upcoming gadgets -- when we weren't singing sea shanties, that is.

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And we're off -- 2021 has officially begun in the world of consumer technology. This week brought us, virtually, both the annual bonanza that is CES and Samsung's first Unpacked event of the year. There was no shortage of product introductions and gadget aspirations.

From Samsung, for instance, we learned all about its new Galaxy S21 lineup, and all kinds of other tech it's got in store for the world, from flashy new TVs and a linked fitness app to solar-charging remotes and a SmartThings Cooking service that pairs with its Family Hub refrigerators. And that just scratches the surface -- you'll find much, much more about CES here.

If you've had enough of all that, consider relaxing with a sea shanty singalong, which you can read about below. Our story on the TikTok trend is just one of the in-depth features and thought-provoking commentaries that appeared on CNET this week. So here you go. These are the stories you don't want to miss:

Samsung Galaxy S21's standout feature is its $200 price cut

Samsung made the move because of lower component costs, some minor tradeoffs and the pandemic.

Drew Evans/CNET

Verizon CEO makes the case that 5G is more than just faster phones

From drones to 3D renderings of museum exhibits, Hans Vestberg rattles off a list of ways 5G will change your life.

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg talks 5G
Screenshot by Sarah Tew/CNET

In a post-truth world, we need Wikipedia more than ever

Commentary: Wikipedia is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The free encyclopedia may not be exciting, but its neutral, volunteer-driven content is incredibly valuable.

20 years of Wikipedia
Wikimedia Foundation

Tackling my lockdown weight gain with Apple Fitness Plus

I've gained a lot of weight over lockdown. Now I'm turning to technology to help.

Riding the Wattbike Atom
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

After a sucky 2020, Samsung pitches a 'better normal' at CES 2021

With most of us still stuck at home, Samsung wants to make the space a better experience. But the total smart home remains elusive.

Samsung's JetBot 90 Plus smart vacuum cleaner in a living room

Sea shanties are everywhere on TikTok. Here's why

From Wellerman to Drunken Sailor, sea shanties are attracting the attention of landlubber TikTokers. "It went wild. I don't really know what happened," says the guy at the center of it all.

Merchant sailors on a sailing ship, with early record player

Conspiracy theories collide online as Parler goes dark

Is it a pro-Trump rally? Or a trap? A reliance on encrypted chat apps fuels conflicting messages and a splintering of right-wing groups online.

Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol
Getty Images

Marvel's WandaVision on Disney Plus a delightful, surreal superhero soap

Spoiler-free review: Do not adjust your set. Marvel's imaginative new TV show is utterly unlike anything in the MCU, but in the best way.

Wandavision on Disney Plus
Marvel / Disney Plus

Imagining the future of CES

Commentary: How can I imagine a world where we can't see ahead more than a few hours? This year's virtual show already felt like science fiction.

Scott Stein/CNET
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