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835 Sudoku puzzles in the palm of your hand

The New York Times Touch Screen SuDoku Handheld

ThinkGeek, Brookstone and others are now selling a touch screen Sudoku handheld for about $20. The Excalibur Electronics device is filled with Sudoku puzzles chosen by legendary New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz.

New York Times Touch Screen Sudoku Handheld

For those of you unfamiliar with the brain game, Sudoku consists of an 81 square, nine-by-nine grid pre-filled with a few numbers. The player fills in the remaining squares by determining what number each square needs in order to create a balance of numbers 1 through 9 for each row, column and nine-square block. (The game can also be played with nine shapes.)

The New York Times Touch Screen Sudoku Handheld takes 2 AAA batteries and holds 835 puzzles, including a timer and optional hints feature.