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82 inches of high-definition fury

At 82 inches, the Honeywell MT-HWGWT8218AM may actually fit through your front door. Maybe.

At some point you have to ask yourself: is 82 inches really enough to make you happy? HD Guru

Well, it's not quite as big as this, but at 82 inches, the Honeywell/Soyo MT-HWGWT8218AM LCD HDTV may actually fit through your front door. Maybe.

According to HD Guru, newcomer to the U.S. market Honeywell, in partnership with Soyo, is bringing its 82-inch HDTV to U.S. homes.

According to the article, this behemoth includes a 120Hz refresh rate, full 1080p HD, a 178-degree viewing angle, three HDMI inputs, two component video inputs, a VGA input, and one composite and S-Video jack. Features include picture in picture (POP)/POP, SRS audio with 2x10 watts amplifier, and stereo speakers.

The 82-incher has a rated brightness of 600 candelas per square meter (cd/m²), 16.7 million display colors, 120,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, and weighs in at a piddly 303 pounds. Pricing and availability for the HDTV have yet to be announced.