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$800 LCD monitor to debut

Samsung will introduce an $800 liquid crystal display monitor, one of the cheapest yet.

Samsung Electronics America is slimming down the price of new flat panel displays to below $800 for the first time, the company said today.

At the upcoming PC Expo '98 trade show, Samsung will roll out a new 13.3-inch that will be priced at $799 and a new 15-inch LCD display and $1399, respectively.

The new displays are expected to be available in mid-June. Prototype 17- and 21-inch flat panel displays will be showcased as well.

Flat panel monitors weigh less, take up much less space, and consume much less power than cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors found on most office desktops. In spite of their advantages, LCD screens are not often found on desktops because they are priced three to four times higher than CRT monitors.

The introduction of the new Samsung monitors comes at a time when analysts say there is a tremendous oversupply of LCD displays on the market. Analysts say they expect flat panel prices to decline throughout 1998, but have to reach a point where there is no more than a 25 percent premium over CRT monitors before customers start buying them in large quantities.

In related news, Eizo Nanao Technologies is now offering an 18-inch flat panel monitor that can be connected via the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port found on newer computers. In turn, up to four USB peripherals such as scanners and cameras can be connected to the monitor.

The FlexScan L66 is expected to ship in July 1998 and will have an estimated street price of $3,599 in both desktop and wall-mountable versions.