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8-legged case claims to smash-proof iPhones

But don't throw your phone just to see if the legs pop out.

Picture of the spiderlike case.

Spider, man.

Screenshot by Marrian Zhou/CNET

A prototype iPhone case with eight legs could help the iPhone X pass the drop test with flying colors.

The ADCase, designed by engineering student Phillip Frenzel at Germany's Aalen University, uses what Frenzel calls an Active Dampening system, reported ZDNet on Friday. The case has eight hidden legs that reportedly pop out like a turtle's when they sense the phone is falling.  

That could prove especially useful for the iPhone X, which has a higher risk of breaking thanks to its glass front and back. In January, CNET broke $9,000 worth of phones to find the toughest case among 12 brands. Only three cases survived four rounds of free-falling.

Frenzel says his class project will charge the phone too, and it'll soon get a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Just remember that Kickstarter has a mixed track record of products actually coming to market.

Frenzel didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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