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7-Eleven joins cashierless trend with grab-and-go test

The convenience store slurps up the Amazon Go concept with a trial in Dallas.


Cheers! In Dallas you can buy your Slurpee without having to go to the cashier.


You may be able to skip the line next time you grab a Slurpee.

The retail giant is testing a mobile app that allows customers to scan and pay for their items without a cashier. The new payment feature is added to the 7Rewards loyalty program, which lets customers earn and redeem reward points and coupons.

7-Eleven is testing the pay-and-go feature in Dallas with plans to expand to other cities. You can download the 7-Eleven app and register for the loyalty program. When you're near a pilot store, a pop-up will say "start scanning," then you can scan the items you want and pay for them on the app. Once you've paid, a confirmation QR code will let you scan it at the confirmation station by the door and go.

Last week, Walmart Sam's Club announced plans to test out its own cashierless concept at a store in Dallas that'll let you make purchases on your phone. You scan items as you pick them up and check out by having a worker scan the code on your phone.

Amazon Go was the first to launch a convenience store that's completely cashierless. The retail giant opened its first grab-and-go store in Seattle in December 2016. Now Amazon Go operates in Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco and is coming to New York