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66 new emoji coming Tuesday include kangaroo, party face and lobster

The bagel emoji particularly warms my New Yorker heart.


Look out, the kangaroo emoji could be leaping into your life this year.


The kangaroo emoji could be hopping into your text messages as soon as Tuesday. The June 5 release date for Unicode 11.0, which will include the kangaroo among 66 new emoji creatures, was revealed on Friday -- meaning that next week is the earliest day companies can start adding these new illustrations to any device that sends emoji.

Many of these emoji were first revealed in February, including partying face, hot face and cold face. (My New Yorker heart especially appreciates the bagel emoji.) There's also a spectrum of emoji for red-haired, curly-haired, bald, superhero and others. You can watch a video from February that includes many of these emoji here, but some have had mild design tweaks since:

But realistically, it will probably be months before your favorite device is going to let you send out the parrot or the lobster included in this list. The Emojipedia announcement says that new emoji tend to be tied with software updates, and it's expected that Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft will update this summer, while Google and Apple will do so this fall. Samsung devices could be waiting until early 2019, and it's unknown when WhatsApp would be adding the new emoji.

The announcement also drops bad news for flamingo and white heart fans: Both requested designs are shortlisted for the 2019 release of Unicode 12.0.