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$560,000 iPod dock requires a ladder

Jarre Technologies goes big with the 11-foot-tall, 10,000-watt AeroDream One speaker dock for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. It's covered in chrome, won't fit in most houses, and costs $560,000.

Jarre scales the AeroDream One
Here's an electronic musician on the ladder of an iPod dock. Thomas Deron/Jarre Technologies

There's run-of-the-mill ridiculous and then there's redonkulous. The AeroDream One from Jarre Technologies is pure redonkulous. It's an iPod, iPhone, and iPad dock. Big deal, right?

It's an 11-foot-tall, chrome-slathered, 10,000-watt iPod dock that requires a ladder just to get your device up to the top. It weighs more than 870 pounds. It also costs a wallet-shattering $560,000. Redonkulous.

Each AeroDream One is custom made and takes six months for delivery. This behemoth comes from a company created by Jean Michel Jarre, a man best known for electronic music, over-the-top shows with laser displays, and luxurious flowing hair.

Most people wouldn't even be able to stand the AeroDream One up inside their houses, but the AeroDream One isn't for most people. It's for wealthy people who also covet the two free Jean Michel Jarre concert tickets that are thrown in with each purchase.

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If chrome doesn't match the decor in your mansion, you can get the dock in white or black. Black would be more aesthetically subtle, but not by much. It's still going to be 11 freaking feet tall and crank out enough volume to flatten your manicured rose garden.

For just over $1,100, you can pick up the slightly less impressive AeroSystem One, an iPod and iPhone dock speaker system that reaches up over 3 feet in height. You might be better off just paying to get your ceilings raised and buying the AeroDream One. The matching ladder is included.

(Via Luxury Launches)