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5,000 radio stations plus MP3s

Freecom's "MusicPal" combines both worlds.


In the midst of an evolution on steroids, the MP3 player just never seems to be comfortable in its own skin. While still suffering an identity crisis with the telephonic aspects of its personality, it's now changing once again to include digital radio, as shown recently by such stalwarts as iRiver and Cowon.

Now, Dutch company Freecom is entering the fray as well with its "MusicPal" player. which promises to deliver 5,000 radio stations as well as MP3 streams wirelessly from a PC or a Mac. It's too big to be carried around, but not by much--and that's because it has a built-in speaker and a screen that displays RSS feeds, according to Gizmowatch. And if you still need more thump, it can also be hooked up to any set of speakers that can tear down your walls.