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500 invites for do-it-all e-mail aggregator Orgoo

Want in on Orgoo? We've got the hookup.

Awesome Web 2.0 communications de-cluttering tool Orgoo is set to open its doors in the next couple of months. Its creators wouldn't pin down an exact date to me, but they have been nice enough to give Webware readers 500 invites to use the system in full before it's open to all (go here to get yours). The expansion of the beta is the last step before going open, and is for both scaling servers and getting more user feedback.

I've been using the tool on and off since I wrote about it in September of last year. I prefer its mail UI to Fuser, a similar service that's recently begun to integrate a slew of third-party services like Facebook's news feed and microblogging services like Twitter. Orgoo has taken a slightly more focused approach, expanding its compatibility with e-mail services and IM networks. Most recently, it dipped into multi-user video chat, which launched back in March.

Like online financial services such as Mint and PageOnce, Orgoo requires you to put a whole bunch of login credentials in the hands of a third party, something I don't think most people are comfortable with. The upside to that is you can manage and use five or more e-mail accounts and talk with all your chat buddies in one place--all without any software. You can read our original hands-on with the service here.