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50 Cent announces G-Unit MP3 Watch

50 Cent announces G-Unit MP3 Watch

Is it just me, or is everyone producing an MP3 player nowadays? The latest entrant into the market: 50 Cent, who recently announced the G-Unit MP3 Watch. The watch, which will be available in jewelry stores, comes in your choice of 256MB or 512MB, and it includes a pair of retractable earbuds. And if you think that $486 (for the 256MB version) is steep, consider that an iced-out, MP3-less G-Unit watch will cost you about $3,500 (thanks, NY Times). Maybe if fiddy throws on his and G-Unit's latest albums, prospective buyers will be more tempted to drop a roll of cash (or should I say cheddar?) on the watches. We're hoping to get a sample for a CNET review--a true test--but a visit to 50 Cent's Web site (WARNING: violent content) turned up no press contact...then again, maybe I was too distracted by getting shot at to thoroughly complete my search.