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5 weird things people are buying on Amazon

These items are strange, sure, but they're also useful.

Light up your toilet with this $10 gadget. 

Amazon via Glow Bowl

There's a reason Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world

From televisions to speakers to appliances, sometimes it seems you can buy almost anything on Amazon. And that means that we're bound to see some weird things to purchase. We've assembled our current favorites here -- all of them odd, sure, but also pretty useful. 

Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

Amazon via Glow Bowl

We've seen a lot of strange bathroom tech here at CNET, like this cleaning robot for your toilet. But the most weirdly useful piece we've seen is this affordable, motion-activated toilet light. 

Avoid waking your loved one or missing the target completely with the Glow Bowl, which fits any toilet shape. 

The toilet light features seven colors, and it only activates in darkness to preserve its battery. 

The reviews for the Glow Bowl are mixed, but we've used it and found it pretty darn helpful. 

Your family might just thank you for your improved accuracy. 

Amazon via PetSafe

Road-tripping with your furry friend just got a lot safer. With PetSafe's Happy Ride Dog Zipline, dogs can easily freak out over a squirrel while staying safe and secure. 

Just attach the zipline to your dog's harness and you're ready to hit the road, knowing that your canine is enjoying perhaps the world's smallest dog run.

The device is apparently a life saver, too. One Amazon reviewer wrote, "this product saved my small (30 lb.) pug mix ... when I flipped and totaled my car." 

Amazon via Studio Ghibli

Piggy banks don't need faces. Or even pigs. Here's proof: Just look at this battery-powered money box that brings Spirited Away's Kaonashi to life. 

All you have to do is deposit a coin onto Kaonashi's red bowl and No-Face will consume the coin and save it for a rainy day at the spirit spa.

You'll even get a nice surprise after your money has been devoured by No-Face. 

An Amazon reviewer said that they "love this toy so so much."

Amazon via LBell

Forget night lights. Why not pretend you're sleeping by a pool or even the ocean? This remote-controlled projector simulates the look of reflected, lapping water on the ceiling of your bedroom-slash-cabana. 

The device -- which displays up to seven different color schemes -- also includes a built-in speaker. That's not all! The projector comes loaded with four lulling audio choices, from relaxing ambient nature sounds to crashing ocean waves. 

"It's quite relaxing being able to see the streams of light passing through the water," says a satisfied Amazon reviewer.

Amazon via Icewater

Sometimes you just want some water. That's it. There's no need to bring sight and sound into your thirst-quenching experience.

Unless there is.

Some water bottles do more than just hold liquid these days. That's why Amazon customers are purchasing this three-in-one smart water bottle. The light-up container not only holds 22 ounces of your drink of choice, but it also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. 

Sure, you probably already have a pair of killer earbuds, but so what? Now you'll no longer need to lug those things around while you're hiking up that mountain or lounging at the beach.  

The water bottle's lights are more than just a fancy decoration. Every two hours the container glows as a reminder to stay hydrated.