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5-megapixel camera binoculars, finally

Discovery clears up confusion with combo device

Awhile back we ran an item on a pair of camera binoculars that generated a fair amount of interest. In particular, some eagle-eyed readers noticed discrepancies in the specs from Gadget Universe, which led to confusion over its claims that the device had a 5-megapixel camera. Now, the Discovery Channel Store has a similar gadget that also lists a 5-megapixel camera combined with a pair of high-performance binoculars.

There are some resemblances in the designs of the two devices, but we're not sure if they come from the same manufacturer. (How many variations can there be in camera-binocular combos, anyway?) But the Discovery model is slightly less expensive--$236 vs. $250--and looks a lot better with its black casing, not the funky silver and blue of Gadget Universe's version. We just ran out of excuses not to get a pair.