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5 early Best Buy Black Friday deals worth a look

You don't have to stand in line for any of these -- you can get actual Black Friday prices right now.

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You can get some of Best Buy's Black Friday doorbuster deals right now -- no door-busting required.

Best Buy

Cheeps! We're getting mighty close to the Cheapskate 10th Anniversary Mega Giveaway. This will be your best chance yet to win a prize, because there are 25 of them. And some pretty amazing ones at that. All will be revealed on Monday.

In the meantime, I'm going to do something a little different today: focus on multiple deals from a single store.

See, Best Buy just revealed its Black Friday ad, news I'd normally treat with a shrug. At the same time, Best Buy kicked off an "early Black Friday" sale, also pretty normal this time of year. But, hang on... You can actually get those same Black Friday deals right now?!

It's true -- and there are some darn good items in that mix. Below I've rounded up five that I consider especially attractive. (And be sure to check out CNET's Holiday Gift Guide and all of the Black Friday deals we've found!)

DJI Spark ($399.99)

The DJI Spark knows where your palm is -- and can land there.


I already know of at least one other store that will be selling the Spark for $400 (normally $500) come Black Friday -- but why wait?

This is DJI's "little Mavic," a compact but highly automated quadcopter that can do things like take off from your palm (and land there), follow you around, avoid obstacles and snap airborne selfies when you make a certain gesture. (No, not that one.)

I really wish this guy had folding arms for easier transport, but even as it stands (or flies) now, it's arguably the most capable camera drone, period. And now it can be yours for 20 percent off.

iPad Mini 4 128GB ($274.99)

Okay, so the Mini's days are probably numbered (Apple reportedly plans to discontinue the line), and even at $275, the iPad Mini 4 costs way more than a comparable Amazon Fire HD 8.

But here's the thing: Some folks just want an iPad. And rather than spending $400 to get this model, now you can spend $275. I'm not saying it's the smartest tablet buy, merely that it's the best iPad Mini 4 deal I can recall ever seeing. You can also get an Apple Watch Series 1 38mm for $199, another solid discount on an overpriced product.

Ring video doorbell ($99.99)


Although it's already been surpassed by the Ring 2, the original version of this smart doorbell is an intriguing buy at $100 -- especially considering it originally sold for $200 and still runs $180 elsewhere.

True to its name, this magic button is a doorbell that also streams live video (and audio), the idea being to let you know who's at your door -- even when you're not home. So it's a tool that's for not only convenience, but also safety and security.

CNET's review cited a few issues, but it's two years out of date -- and some 90 percent of Best Buy customers say that would  recommend the Ring to friends. As I've noted before, it's sometimes easier to overlook a few flaws in exchange for a big discount.

Samsung Chromebook 3 ($99)

It's as basic as laptops get -- Celeron processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, 11.6-inch screen -- but it's also more than sufficient for a student or anyone else with basic computing needs. And did I mention it's a hundred bucks?

It's worth noting, however, that on Black Friday proper, you can get a slightly better model -- 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage -- for just $20 more.

Surface Pro with Type Cover ($629)


Finally: keyboard included!


Best Buy has figured out what Microsoft can't seem to: Don't sell us a Surface Pro unless there's a keyboard included. This new model features an Intel Core m3 processor, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and a 12.3-inch screen. Plus, it comes with the Type Cover, meaning you can actually use it for laptop things. Regular price for this bundle: $999.

Particularly impressive, the new Surface promises up to 50 percent more battery life than the Surface Pro 4 -- upwards of 13.5 hours of not just runtime, but video playback, according to Microsoft. At this price, I would absolutely consider the "tablet that can replace your laptop" that I'd previously never have considered.

Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: One more from Best Buy: The Roku Premiere+ for $49.99. Last year's flagship is this year's deal, with 4K and HDR support and lots of other gooey Roku-y goodies. (No voice search on the remote, though.)

Bonus deal No. 2: Looking for a wireless charging pad for your iPhone 8, iPhone X or Qi-compatible Android phone? Recently another tech site (you'll have to do your own Googling on this one) reviewed three of them, and the one that came out on top was also the cheapest.

Today, it's even cheaper: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Sunvalley (via Amazon) has the Ravpower Fast Wireless Charger for $39.99 shipped when you apply promo code CNETPC34 at checkout.

How fast is "fast"? This pad can deliver up to 10 watts of wireless charging power (for phones that support it). And even though the new iPhones don't yet support even 7.5-watt charging, this pad was the fastest at recharging them.

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