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4oD hits Sky on demand and Sky Go, tying up terrestrial roster

Channel 4's catch-up service is the last of the five terrestrial channels onto Sky's catch-up service, also landing on Sky Go.

Sky has finally squeezed Channel 4's 4oD onto its catch-up service, completing the company's roster of terrestrial broadcasters.

4oD follows the BBC's iPlayer, ITV Player and Channel 5's Demand 5 onto Sky's On Demand service. From Monday, Sky subscribers will be able to find 4oD by pressing the red button from the Sky TV menu, then scrolling over to the tab called 'catch up' and selecting 4oD.

The service has taken its sweet time in arriving -- Channel 4 proudly announced that its programmes would be hitting Sky's catch-up service all the way back in September of last year. As well as recent shows, you'll get classic programmes from the Channel 4 vault, including Spaced, Father Ted, The IT Crowd and This is England '88.

Also on Sky Go

Despite being the last streaming service to limp onto Sky+ On Demand, from Monday 4oD catch-up will also be sitting pretty on Sky Go, which is Sky's streaming service for smart phones and tablets. E4 and Film4 will follow shortly, Sky says.

More programming for your money is always good, though Sky's big-screen catch-up collection can be a little tricky to use, as you have to search for programmes via broadcasters' individual channels, rather than being able to search every catch-up app at once.

As a result you need to know which channel your desired programme originally came from, and be prepared to do a little digging.

Channel 4 is also planning to bring its Film4 HD channel to Sky, after years of the hi-def channel being the exclusive preserve of Virgin Media customers.

Are you happy with Sky's on-demand offering? Do you often watch Channel 4, or are you more of a BBC bod? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.