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4oD app iPhone lets you catch up on Channel 4 shows

Channel 4's on demand catch-up service is now available as an iPhone app. We look forward to a world in which no commuter is ever bored.

Channel 4 has made its on demand catch-up service 4oD available as a free app for the iPhone allowing you to watch all the Hollyoaks, Peep Show and Glee you could want while waiting for the bus. Heck, even on the bus.

The app gives you access to all of Channel 4's catch-up content from the past 30 days. Naturally, the TV shows are ad-supported, but that's a small price to pay to get Stephen Fry's Greatest Gadget countdown on our mobiles.

The app will work over 3G networks so you don't even need to be connected to your home Wi-Fi to watch The IT Crowd. Be careful though -- if you're streaming video to your phone, your data costs could go through the roof.

We had a quick go and the video quality over Wi-Fi was very good indeed on the iPhone 4's screen -- certainly much better than the blocky mess of the BBC iPlayer mobile site. The menus swish and pop in a very pleasing way too.

If you like what you see on the app, a direct link is available that will take you straight to iTunes (if the programme is available there) to buy the show to play back to your heart's content -- although downloading shows to add to your permanent collection will cost you.

The new iPhone app sits alongside the iPad app that's already available, as well as the Web-based versions for if you're sat at your computer doing busy work. We're looking forward to putting the new iPhone app through its paces while we're sat on the toilet train.

It's available now for free from the App Store.