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40-inch 1080p TV for £250 at Asda

Asda is offering a 40-inch television capable of 1080p hi-def goodness for just £250. Push your trolley down there tomorrow.

Fancy a 40-inch hi-def telly for half a monkey? Then push your trolley down to Asda, where you can bag yourself a 40-inch 1080p television for just £250.

Are you happy to get a gogglebox with your groceries? The Luxor 40-inch is currently £300 -- which is the cheapest price for a comparable TV on Amazon at the time of writing -- but Asda is knocking £50 off tomorrow, so it won't cost you an arm and a leg. Just an arm. Maybe a leg, but only below the knee.

The 40-inch LCD TV offers 1080p high-definition viewing without breaking the bank. It's a decent offer if your budget has held you back from the world of hi-def TV, Blu-ray movies and high quality gaming action.

Of course, Blu-ray movies and the latest games still aren't cheap, but at least you've got a few extra quid to spend on games and movies such as Avatar.

We can't speak for the quality of the Luxor 40-inch, so buyer beware and all that, but it includes built-in Freeview, two HDMI sockets and two Scart sockets.

If you're made of money but still have an eye for a bargain, the Luxor looks like a relatively inexpensive second HDTV. You could put it in the bedroom, or the conservatory, or the study, or the shed, or wherever rich people put second tellies.

The price drop kicks in in Asda stores on Saturday morning, and will be offered on the online store at roughly the same time.

Asda is looking like the place to bag a bargain on more than sprouts. In the run-up to Christmas, the supermarket offered a 720p TV for just £50. We can't speak for the quality of the Venturer 15.6-inch set, but fifty notes can't be sniffed at.

Have you bought a telly or any technology from a supermarket? Was it great value or false economy? Push your trolley down to the comments or leave an unexpected item in the bagging area that is our Facebook page.