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3VR Security updates line of surveillance gadgets

Company announces a line of megapixel SmartCam surveillance cameras, which are designed to coordinate with the VR SmartSearch Network Video Recorder.

3VR Security announced on Monday the 3VR SmartCam, a new line of megapixel surveillance cameras, and a new 3VR SmartSearch Network Video Recorder. The two work together to create a complete network surveillance solution.

Because it sends only critical information, such as motion and faces, to the 3VR system for analysis, the 3VR SmartCam uses less storage, network, and computer requirements than comparable megapixel cameras, the company says. This helps minimize CPU requirements by as much as 90 percent.

The SmartCam also comes with digital pan-tilt-zoom capabilities. Operators can quickly view specific regions and see important details of scenes, or pick a smaller area of the screen to record.

The SmartSearch Network Video Recorder, on the other hand, is specifically tuned for megapixel Internet-connected cameras. With improved speed and storage, 3VR says it is ideal for monitoring, recording, analyzing, and searching video across the enterprise. It supports facial and license plate recognition, designed for integration with point-of-sale and access control systems. And although it can certainly coordinate with the SmartCam products, it also works with third-party megapixel cameras.