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3G iPhone slated for next year?

3G iPhone slated for next year?

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The Apple iPhone rumors just won't stop! Now that the months of speculation about the iPhone's existence has been quelled, the rumor mill is churning again, and this time it's about the second revision of the infamous Apple phone. Yes, this second version of the iPhone is still very much in the vaporware stage, but that doesn't stop the recent rumblings (courtesy of AppleInsider) that the next iPhone will not only be available for our European friends, but that it'll also come with 3G support. If you'll recall, one of the biggest letdowns about the current iPhone incarnation is that it will not support Cingular's high speed 3G network, much less its 3.5G HSDPA network. So if this is true (and we're crossing our fingers that it is), it just may be worth it to wait it out for a few months until this so-called 3G iPhone is released in 2008. Yeah it'll be cool to be the first few to own the coveted iPhone, but if you really want a chance at streaming video and audio, the 3G version would be the way to go. That's if all of this is true of course. But you knew that already, right?