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3G iPhone coming in 2008 says AT&T

AT&T and Apple are finally going to speed up the iPhone with a 3G network.

Bloomberg reports that AT&T will be giving the iPhone a real broadband connection in 2008. Randall Stephenson, AT&T's CEO, told a Churchill Club gathering. This may be due to improved battery life for the iPhone that Apple cites as the primary reason for keeping the iPhone on a 2.5G network for now.

"You'll have it next year," Stephenson said in response to a question about when the 3G iPhone would debut. He said he didn't know how much more the new version will cost than the existing model, which sells for $399. Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs "will dictate what the price of the phone is,'' he said....

[Steve Jobs said:] "We've got to see the battery lives for 3G get back up into the five-plus-hour range. Hopefully we'll see that late next year.''

This is great for the iPhone, and it may well point to a more enterprise-friendly iPhone, as suggests, but I'm actually more excited that it should also mean that I'll have a 3G connection for my Blackberry. Especially given Google's recent upgrade of its Maps feature, I find myself using the web all the time on my Blackberry.

For what? Mostly Google-based searches, but also Google Maps and Google News. A speedy connection makes this a bit more usable. I don't need it, but it's helpful.