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3D scanning for our future lives

$2,495 is actually not that bad, for now

Sci-Fi Tech

As we enter our second lives, we're seeing the floodgates beginning to open on 3D technologies. Unfortunately, a lot of the equipment on the market today comes with futuristic price tags--but competition is helping already.

Take this 3D scanner from NextEngine, for example. Sci-Fi Tech, which reported the item first, says it can scan an object in about 2 minutes and then "render it onscreen for you to stretch, rotate, or break apart in any number of applications, many of which are provided," with accuracy to 0.005 of an inch.

The cost still isn't cheap--$2,495--but that pales in comparison to this $40,000 handheld 3D scanner we mentioned a few weeks back. So we hope that capitalistic competition remains an integral part of the 3D future.