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This 3D-printed lightsaber has an extra geeky twist

Watch a crafty Star Wars fan create a lightsaber with a window that displays the internal cross section in the hilt.

Bypass all that pesky lightsaber training at the Jedi Academy and find out how to build a Star Wars lightsaber hilt by using a Formlabs Form 2 3D printer, LED lights and resin materials.

The video "Making a 3D-printed Sith Lightsaber Kit," posted on YouTube on Wednesday by Tested, show how to build a Star Wars-inspired lightsaber but with a cool alteration. This Sith lightsaber model includes a cutaway design that shows the insides of the hilt.

3D modeler and artist Sean Charlesworth explains how he came up with this design using old camera parts including a motion camera prism to resemble the crystal that is considered the "heart" of every lightsaber.

Using the Formlabs Form 2 3D printer to fabricate the lightsaber hilt, Charlesworth also reveals the best way to print out all the tiny parts of the kit. "You don't want to print out a whole lightsaber side," Charlesworth explains in the video. "You want it to be in sections so it's easier to print."

Star Wars fans eager to make their own Sith lightsaber hilt can download free 3D printer design files here.