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3D-printed RC car tops speeds of 100 mph (Tomorrow Daily 258)

Ashley discusses a 3D-printed RC car with some serious speed, NASA's newest images and video of Jupiter and a robotic finger that flexes and extends with the help of thermal training.

James Beswick loves making (and racing) RC cars. He started designing his own custom car bodies and using a 3D printer to realize his visions, and now, he's got a fast little RC car that can top 100 mph. Even thought that sounds fast to non-RC enthusiasts, the world record for RC car ground speed is over 200 mph, which Beswick hopes to break as he continues to refine and improve upon his designs.

NASA dropped some stunning new images of Jupiter this week. They're from the Hubble Telescope, which is snapping pictures of planets in our solar system as it nears end-of-life status, and the high-resolution photos are offering interesting new information about the largest planet in our solar system. Don't miss the 4K video on the largest, highest-res screen you can get your hands on!

Our last headline focuses on a robotic human finger with the ability to flex and extend with the help of differing temperatures. The faux digit isn't quite ready for prime time, but the idea is to use a thermal-trained pair of actuators to make the finger move just like a real finger would.

Today's Mod Squad features YouTuber Alan Pan's clever Mjolnir prop replica. It's not just a movie-ready prop, though; it's packed to the gills with tech that makes it almost impossible for anyone but Pan to lift. Sure, he's using electromagnets and fingerprint scanners to trick passers-by, but the end result is a great video with some fun moments.

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258: 3D-printed RC car tops speeds of 100 mph

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