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Control-alt-delete brass knuckles reboot your fashion sense

A set of 3D-printed keyboard keys worn on your fingers evokes the classic PC "three-finger salute."

Control-alt-delete this!

Joy Complex/Jeremy Burnich

When it comes to PCs, you're a bad mother-shut-your-mouth. You can drop processes faster than a hot potato. Control-alt-delete isn't just a way to open your task manager or restart your balky computer. It's a way of life. Show your computer you're not to be messed with by sporting a 3D-printed Ctrl+Alt+Del Statement Ring from Joy Complex.

The hand-worn keyboard keys look like a supremely geeked-out set of brass knuckles, but they don't have individual slots for your fingers. A single loop on the underside lets you grip the jewelry in classic knuckles-style.

Self-taught 3D designer Jeremy Burnich created the ring for himself, but decided to offer it to anyone bold enough to rock the fashion statement. "Originally I was going to make brass knuckles but that would have been way too expensive. So instead I decided to turn it into a statement ring since that would be more reasonably priced for me to buy," he says.

The ring is available in four 3D-printed finishes, including bronze steel, starting at $40 (£30, AU$54). Don't worry if you have massive hands. Burnich can customize the size of the ring if needed.

The ring may primarily appeal to PC users familiar with the salute. I myself had to call upon the power of control-alt-delete just last week when my browser froze up on me. If I had only had Joy Complex's statement ring, I might have been able to intimidate my computer into behaving itself.

Bill Gates might think control-alt-delete was a mistake, but you know better. It's a badge of honor, one to be worn proudly on your hand.