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3D-printed concept car would build itself

A vehicle designer's concept for a future car would involve the car printing and assembling itself while you wait.

Genesis concept art
The Genesis concept would build itself. Nir Siegel

Designers and makers have been busy imagining uses for 3D printers, ranging from casts to houses to duck feet. Vehicle designer Nir Siegel doesn't just want to 3D-print cars, he wants them to assemble themselves.

Siegel's Genesis concept would involve the delivery of a specialized 3D printer to a car buyer. The printer would then print out a car all around itself to match the buyer's specifications.

Siegel's vision of the car-buying and car-building future earned him a Pilkington Design Award from the Royal College of Art in London where he studied vehicle design.

The Genesis car is just an idea right now, but it's an intriguing concept. As 3D printers advance, we inch closer to a sci-fi future where you could call up Audi or Toyota, order a car and have it delivered, ready to create itself to match your desires.

It may sound farfetched, but 3D printers have already been used to create an accurate stunt model of an Aston Martin and the Urbee II, a 3D-printed electric car, is slated to go into production. Siegel just wants to take it a few steps further.

Genesis car concept drawing
A concept drawing of the Genesis car. Nir Siegel