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3D-print your own lightsaber with these free files

Kit out your Jedi costume with a sweet 3D-printed lightsaber with customizable length.

3D-printed lightsaber
The completed lighsaber with laser-glow. Valcrow/YouMagine

Star Wars Day was Sunday, but the celebration is never over. Keep your fan passion going by making your own lightsaber using Ultimaker's free 3D-printed lightsaber source files, released in honor of May the 4th. The design is modeled after one of Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsabers, so you know you'll be wielding premium Jedi equipment.

Once you download the files and print it out, you can take a cue from Valcrow at Redicubricks and give it a killer paint job that makes it looks like it's been through the Clone Wars, dropped in the dirt on Dagobah, and stepped on by an AT-AT. This lightsaber has seen some things, man.

Valcrow went the extra mile and printed a glow-in-the-dark blade and then lit it up with a blue laser, which should be the cause of a considerable amount of envy at the next sci-fi convention Valcrow attends.

Reddit user passim took a stab at printing the fictional weapon using an Ultimaker 2 printer and came out with a pretty sweet new sword. Passim reports it took 22 hours of production on the printer's "normal" print-quality setting to make the handle. (Sites like makexyz and 3D Hubs offer directories for finding a 3D printer near you.)

The Ultimaker lightsaber isn't the only 3D model available. If you're feeling a little more ambitious and want to print out a more complex version, then check out reddit user theandymancan's Wookiee Scalper on Thingiverse. I just wouldn't recommend actually trying it on a Wookiee. Those guys will tear your arms off.

Printed lightsaber from passim
Reddit user passim's printed lightsaber. passim