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3D print a robotic GLaDOS ceiling lamp

This is possibly the best idea for a ceiling pendant we've ever seen.

(Credit: dragonate)

This is possibly the best idea for a ceiling pendant we've ever seen.

It's been a long day. You walk in the door, hang your portal gun on the hatrack, kick off your long fall boots, shake out your ponytail. Suddenly, your ceiling lamp spins towards you. "Well, you found me. Congratulations."

OK, so the 3D-printable GLaDOS lamp by dragonator on Instructables can't quite do all of those things, but it's still a pretty amazing home accoutrement. Lit by super LEDs, it's a great accessory for, say, adding the finishing touch to a Portal-themed living space.

Although dragonator did intend his lamp to also operate as a robotic arm, he ran into a few problems — the first was time; the second, overheating. Nevertheless, if you have access to a 3D printer, he's provided a set of instructions for creating a static version with the base wiring for when he figures out the robotic part.

(Although, if you have your own ideas about how to wire it up, you can probably go ahead and tinker.)

It's a not a quick project. First, you have to print out the parts. And there are rather a lot. Then, you have to sand, prime and paint them; assemble the lamp body; wire it up, testing at every step; then mount it to your ceiling.

Since dragonator was entering the lamp in a competition, he only had a month to put it all together; ideally, he said, he would have liked at least a couple more.

"Not testing the electronics was one of my bigger mistakes," he said. "Finding out that components just can't handle the power really sucks if you have the arm in final assembly and are two days until your deadline."

Nevertheless, in spite of everything that went wrong, the project was worth it. "I still got one of the coolest lamps in existence," he added. "Plus, most lessons are learned while making mistakes. You haven't failed if you have made a mistake, you have just found a way how not to do it."

He still hopes to get around to figuring out the robotics, so it's worth staying tuned. The only other thing we might add is an audio sampler with a few choice quotes from the queen of passive aggression, which plays when you switch the light on or off.

Check out the full set of Instructables here.