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3D Playboy bunny

Microsoft Office 2010 launches Wednesday, Windows Mobile phones get free voice-guided GPS, and Playboy goes 3D.

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I once called Playboy "pornography" on Loaded and, boy, did I ever get some heated e-mails!

"Playboy is not pornography! It is art!"

OK, calm down. Can we at least agree that Playboy is adult content?

Hopefully, that does not offend those who are so loyal to the bastion of nude female portraiture.

And, now, that portraiture will come in 3D. The June issue will be equipped with polarized glasses so that the centerfold jumps right out at you. In an artistic manner, of course.

This brings up questions we've been asking ourselves about 3D all year. Do we want this? Do we care? For blockbuster movies like Avatar we care, but does the same apply to everyday media like TV and magazines? I'm just not sold on the notion that 3D is a value-add when it comes to my viewing habits. Especially not when it comes to Playboy. I know my opinion hardly counts because I'm not male. But aren't those breasts big enough!?!

And here come the heated e-mails again.

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