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3D monitor for the fashion conscious

Nerdy glasses may never make the "iZ3D" cool

It figures. Just when LCD monitors have gotten down to reasonable prices, along comes a new technology that threatens to replace the whole lot. That, at least, is the claim of Neurok Optics and its 3D LCD screens, which will be on display at CES this week.

The San Diego company will showcase a new 22-inch model from its "iZ3D" line, which it says provides realistic images with minimal vision fatigue. "Neurok Optics' engineers developed this unique technology to create an adjustable 3D environment without causing eyestrain, spatial disorientation or headaches," according to its press release. (Who knew looking at a monitor had such hazardous potential? Sounds like a surgeon general's warning may be in order.)

The catch is that you still need to wear some goofy glasses to "maximize the experience," so Neurok is trying to peddle what it calls "fashionable" specs in a "variety of new styles." No offense intended to our four-eyed friends, but we somehow have a hard time imagining a pair of "passive polarized glasses" being fashionable at any juncture.