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3D graphics luminary joins Nvidia

Graphics chipmaker taps Neil Trevett to be its vice president of content development. But he may face challenges.

Graphics chipmaker Nvidia said Wednesday that it has named Neil Trevett as vice president of content development. Trevett has spent 20 years in the 3D graphics industry. His most recent stint was senior vice president of 3Dlabs. Trevett also spearheaded the Web3D Consortium, which has been working on building open standards for communicating real-time 3D on the Internet. He also holds several important patents in the area of graphics technology.

Trevett will now take on Nvidia's quest to bridge the gap between independent software developers and Nvidia graphics technology in embedded platforms. Trevett's team will focus on platforms such as mobile phones, medical imaging devices, game consoles and onboard navigation systems. The road ahead may be difficult, however. The Web 3D landscape includes many failed projects including Microsoft's Chromeffects (shelved in 1998), Adobe Systems' Atmosphere (killed in November 2004), and Intel and Macromedia's Shockwave 3D joint venture.