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3Com treading water in rough seas

3Com hits some rough water as weak sales and stronger competition from the likes of Cisco Systems forces the networking firm to revise its estimates.

3Com has hit some rough water. Weak sales and stronger competition from the likes of Cisco Systems has forced the networking firm to lower its earnings' estimates for the third quarter. Far from abandoning ship, however, the firm is sinking more dollars into its successful PalmPilot line. But will it be bought out before it has a chance to recover?

Three strikes for 3Com?
news analysis Even as the networking firm moves to refocus its business model, the company's financial woes may reinvigorate rumors that it's ripe for a takeover.

3Com suffers with a seasonal sales flu
update Several Wall Street firms downgraded 3Com stock after the computer networking company warned of much weaker third-quarter earnings.

3Com's Janice Roberts on Palm's future
Q&A At a critical time for 3Com, Janice Roberts steps aside as acting president of the company's Palm Computing division, passing the torch to former Verifone executive Robin Abrams.

3Com may see lower profit amid price cuts
The No. 2 network-equipment maker may report less-than-expected fiscal third quarter profit amid price cuts on key products and stiffer competition from Cisco Systems.