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3Com moves on 56-kbps market

The company unveils a new "corporate" modem and software upgrades for owners of its 56-kbps modems using proprietary technology.

3Com (COMS) announced a new standard-compliant 56-kbps "corporate" modem and also a software upgrade for owners of 3Com 56-kbps modems using proprietary technology.

The new modem, the U.S. Robotics V.Everything, conforms with the new v.90 international standard for 56-kbps modems and is backwards-compatible with 3Com's proprietary 56-kbps technology, x2.

V.Everything offers data protection features designed to appeal to the corporate market. For example, in the event that the connection between the user and service provider is broken, after detecting the lost connection the modem automatically redials the last number called.

Additionally, the V.Everything allows remote configuration and password protection, which 3Com says protects networks against hackers and unauthorized users.

Also today, 3Com announced a free upgrade available on its Web site for current owners of all U.S. Robotics 56-kbps modems.

The V.Everything is available in an external version for $326 and an internal version for $290.