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3Com goes VoIP with Asterisk

The company can afford to do its own R&338;D. But it clearly sees an opportunity with open-source Asterisk, as well.

Surely, 3Com could have written its own VoIP software. In fact, it has, releasing two new products recently based on its own technology. But the more interesting release is its OEM'ing of Digium's Asterisk-based VOIP appliance.

"Digium is the leader in open source telephony, so we are partnering with the most significant company in that space," [3Com marketing director Kevin] Flanagan said. "By taking the [Digium] Asterisk Appliance and placing a 3Com UI on it and supporting it with our Global Service organization, which we believe no other open source telephony provider can do, we are making this technology available to even the smallest businesses and organizations."

I view this as a toe dip for 3Com. If successful, undoubtedly it will end up going even farther with Digium/Asterisk. Why reinvent a wheel that the open-source community is already building?