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3Com gets no reprieve from Wall Street

3Com's shares plunge in heavy trading on revenue concerns, despite new plans for its PalmPilot line.


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3Com's shares plunge in heavy trading on revenue concerns despite assurances from the networking company that it is turning its business model around.

"Our next major drive is the wireless space."

- Robin Abrams, Palm Computing's president


3Com stock hit on revenue concerns
update 3Com's shares plunge in heavy trading after the networking firm warned that revenue next quarter will likely fall.

Palm to focus on software, wireless service
If the first half of 1999 was dedicated to Palm Computing's market-leading handheld hardware, the second half will be focused on software improvements and licensing plans.

3Com puts AOL in the palm of your hand
America Online takes its second big step this week toward its goal of "AOL Anywhere," striking a deal with 3Com to give members access to their AOL email on the popular PalmPilot.