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35-minute ode to 'Blade Runner' made from 12,600 paintings

Artist Anders Ramsell watercolors his way through an enthralling retelling of the "Blade Runner" movie.

Still from Blade Runner tribute
Is she an android? Anders Ramsell

While everybody else was busy talking about a possible "Blade Runner" sequel, artist Anders Ramsell was occupied with making his version of the original film, using a process that requires more patience than most of us could ever conceive of.

Ramsell expressed his reimagining of the film through the medium of Aquarelle, a type of drawing done with transparent watercolors. He created 12,597 tiny paintings by hand and strung them together into a dreamy 35-minute video that manages to capture both the despair and beauty of the subject matter.

The washed-out setting the process creates is mesmerizing to watch as the scenes flow together. The characters are impressionistic hints of themselves, but still completely recognizable. Because Ramsell edited the film down to 35 minutes, he calls it a "paraphrase" rather than a remake.

"It was never my intent to make an exact version of the movie; that would fill no purpose," he wrote. "Instead I wanted to create something different and never before seen."

It took him about a year and a half to complete the project.

The original dialogue from the film plays over the scenes like a ghost. It builds up to the haunting final scene and leaves you with the feeling you just dreamed your way through the movie. It may be one of the most spectacular works of fan art ever created.