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30fps HD Pentax K-7 gets UK pricing

Pentax has confirmed UK pricing for the K-7, a high definition-shooting dSLR that's been about as well-concealed as an MP's expenses

It's been one of the worst-kept secrets in the camera world, but the Pentax K-7 consumer dSLR has been officially announced. We took a look at the leaked specs and pictures earlier this week, so let's see if there's any surprises in the final details and UK pricing.

As expected, the K-7 shoots high definition video at 30 frames per second. The microphone input could put it ahead of other video-shootin' dSLRs, but we'll reserve judgement until we've tested it out in one of our famous in-depth reviews.

The autofocus system boasts 11 focus points, and images are captured in 8-bit colour depth for jpegs, or 12-bit for raw files. Pictures and video footage are stored on SD cards. As well as the 5.2 frames per second burst mode at full resolution, you'll also be able to snap lower-resolution pictures until the card is full.

No big shocks, then, except maybe the price. The K-7 body will be available some time in June/ July, according to Pentax, for £1,200. A kit with an 18-55mm lens will run you £1,290, or £1,330 with that lens and a 50-200mm as well. That's well north of the Nikon D5000 and even the Canon EOS 500D.