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$30 MoGo Mouse stows away inside your notebook

Looking for a travel-friendly mouse that charges itself when not in use? If your notebook has Bluetooth and a PC Card slot, you'll love the MoGo Mouse BT.

The MoGo Mouse BT stows away in a PC Card slot for easy carrying and charging. Newton Peripherals

Show of hands: who likes notebook touch pads? Thought so. That's why a mouse is essential gear. Of course, it's one more thing to remember to bring along, one more thing taking up space in your bag, and one more thing with batteries to die at the most inopportune times.

Enter the ingenious MoGo Mouse BT, which operates wirelessly via Bluetooth and docks inside your notebook's PC Card slot--where it also recharges. How smart is that? has the MoGo Mouse BT for $29.99 shipped, a pretty substantial savings over the $79.99 list price. It's new, too--not a refurb.

CNET hasn't reviewed the MoGo, but a dozen-plus buyers rated it 4.5 stars on average. Just keep in mind that it lacks both a scroll wheel and a middle button, and it doesn't come with a Bluetooth adapter for those notebooks that lack integrated Bluetooth.

If you can live with those limitations and have a PC Card (aka PCMCIA) slot sitting around doing nothing, this looks like an ideal way to fill it.

Thanks to reader Mike for recommending the MoGo!