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3 sweet deals on kitchen gadgets

Save big on a sous-vide cooker, a Bluetooth meat thermometer and an instant-read thermometer with wire whisk!


Many chefs swear by sous-vide cooking. Here's your chance to, er, dip a toe in for just $60.

My Sous Vide

The following awful jokes are best served if you imagine Austin Powers saying them...

You're probably wondering what I've cooked up for you today. Don't worry, these aren't some half-baked deals. You might say I was probing to find some cool kitchen items. Sous vide or not sous vide, that is the question.

I'll show myself out.

Today, just by coincidence, I happened upon three cooking-related deals, so I thought I'd bundle 'em up for you. Let's start with the immersion cooker, something I've never tried myself but I know has lots of fans.

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For a limited time, and while supplies last, Woot has the My Sous Vide My-101 immersion cooker for $59.99, shipped free for Prime subscribers (and for $5 for everyone else). It lists for over $100 and sells for $86 on Amazon proper. Speaking of which, poke around there and you'll see that most sous-vide cookers sell for $100 or more.

As noted, I know fairly little about these gadgets, but the upshot is you hang 'em on a pot of water, they heat and circulate the water at a very consistent temperature, then you put food in. A lot of folks think they're a game-changer in the kitchen. This one has a touchscreen LED interface and 4-star average rating.

Next up: Temperature is also crucial when you're cooking meats and other items. But do you really want to stand there watching a thermometer? Of course not: You want to kick back on the couch until the food is done.


Monitor two temperatures simultaneously with this dual-probe Bluetooth thermometer.


Solve that problem with this Comfyer BTH02 Wireless Meat Thermometer with dual probes for $45.99. That's after applying promo code CHEPSKT2 at checkout. Regular price: $60.

The base station features a large, backlit LCD and it's magnetic for easy affixing to range hoods and the like. You can use the companion app to set the desired temperature, and it'll notify you when the food hits it.

You could also use this with things like milk and bath water to make sure nothing's too hot for little ones.

Finally, if all you need is a simple instant-read thermometer, try the Comfyer KTH07 two-in-one for $12.99 with promo code CHEPSKT7. It's normally $16.99.

At first glance, this looks like a fairly normal digital thermometer, albeit one with an extra large probe (6.5 inches). But it also comes with a stainless-steel wire-whisk attachment, handy if you need a constant temperature read while stirring, say, candy.

The latter two products are sold by Vantrue, by the way, so if you land at Amazon and see a different seller, the codes won't work. That seems to happen sometimes; not sure why. I promise the links are accurate when I post them.

Your thoughts?


Bonus deal: Need a little extra storage for your Android device? If it lacks a microSD slot, consider a Micro-USB external drive.

Like this one: For a limited time, and while supplies last, you can get the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 (32GB) for just $8.03 shipped (with promo code MemorialDaySD). It normally runs $20.

The tiny drive features a USB 3.0 connector at one end and a Micro-USB at the other. The latter is designed for any Android device that supports USB OTG.

These are new, by the way, and come with a five-year warranty. Just not sure how long they'll last at this price.

Bonus deal 2: Looking for an e-book reader? Amazon has knocked $30 off the entry-level Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite.

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