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3 launches The One Plan: Beefy, 12-month, SIM-free tariff could be the one

3 is chucking thousands of free minutes and texts into a new bundle that it says will cover almost everyone's needs, for a low SIM-free price

3 is flirting with flat-rate mobile plans by offering a new tariff, The One Plan, that aims to include enough calls, texts and data for pretty much everyone.

For those who have a phone already, the SIM-only version of the plan includes 2,000 minutes of calls to any network, 5,000 minutes of calls to other 3 users, 5,000 texts and 1GB of data -- all for a 12-month commitment at £25 a month.

You can also get a phone on the deal, but the monthly price goes up depending on the handset you want. Prices start at £28 per month, for 24 months.

3 says that Ofcom's proposals for lower mobile-termination rates -- the amount that networks charge each other to share their airwaves -- have given it the confidence to lower prices for voice calls. Since 3 is a 3G-only network, it has to piggyback on another operator's network whenever you roam onto 2G.

We're happy to hear of a straightforward deal that's easy to understand and only lasts 12 months, but there's tough competition for our SIM-only money, especially if you don't need thousands of free minutes. Check out our mobile deals section for plenty of SIM-free alternatives.

You can find out more about The One Plan on Three's Web site.