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3-inch HDTV camcorder from Germany

'Smaller than a bar of soap'

We've been concerned about misplacing some media players because of their petite frames, but never video cameras. And certainly not high-definition ones. But at a barely more than 1.5 by 3 inches and "smaller than a bar of soap," the "MicroHDTV" from Germany's Fraunhofer Institute could easily slip out of our pocket and into the lost-and-found category.

Engadget says the camcorder is purportedly small enough to fit in "a racing-car cockpit, helmet or any other tiny space you'd like to broadcast HDTV from." That's a euro in the photo for scale comparison (about the size of an American quarter).

The camera can also be controlled through the Web for live action, shooting at up to 1920x1080-pixel resolution. So if you've been bellyaching about the lack of HD content available to watch on your spanking-new 70-inch plasma, maybe you'll soon be able to do something about it yourself.