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3 bundles mobiles with broadband

3 Mobile bundles capped mobile plans with mobile broadband and very nearly gives us what we want.

The super stylish 3 USB dongle

We've been waiting for one of the mobile carriers to bundle mobile data with a standard capped mobile plans and 3 Mobile has finally come through. Well, sort of.

Last week spending AU$69 with 3 Mobile could have bought you AU$550 worth of calls, plus a bunch of free talk time to other 3 Mobile customers. This week that same amount will get you, in addition to the aforementioned plan, 2GB of mobile downloads with an HSDPA speed USB mobile broadband dongle.

The catch is that you get two SIM cards: one for your mobile and one for the dongle, and this means the 2GB of mobile data can't be used on your phone. So people who want truly mobile data will have to pay extra to access the Web from their mobile handsets.

Still, it's a pretty sweet deal, and there's a few variations to the basic combo which you can check out at the 3 Web site. Hopefully the deal urges the competition to match them, maybe with bundled data we can use on our phones too.