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3 Australia doubles down on data

Without the iPhone's gravitational pull, 3 Mobile is gambling on huge data increases to drive customers to its network.

3 Mobile today announced substantial increases in the data allowances included in its X-Series data plans, plus new high-end mobile broadband data plans.

Customers paying AU$20, AU$30 or AU$40 per month for mobile data to their mobile handsets will now be allocated 1GB, 2GB and 3GB respectively on the X-series plans, as will new customers signing on to these services.

X-Series plans also include a range of data-free services through 3's Plant 3 Web portal and 4,000 minutes of Skype voice calling with compatible handsets.

3 Mobile also announced new high-use data allowances for customers using 3's USB broadband modem. Customers will now have 6GB and 7GB plan options costing AU$39 and AU$49 per month on a 24-month contract.

3 Australia made headlines recently when it called out for its customers to help petition Apple to sell the iPhone 3G on the Hutchinson 3 network. Without the iPhone officially sold by the network it is widely speculated that many Australian iPhone customers are buying the popular handset, unlocking it, and bringing their business to 3.